Sunday, July 31, 2011

My after Dinner Cigar

One of my favorite stories that I enjoy telling people is about my after Lunch or Dinner Cigar. Starting back when Hannah was about 1 1/2 years old, whenever she was at my house for the meal, she would follow "Papa" to the Humidor to help me pick a cigar. I would open the glass doors and pick her up so she could look at all the cigars. She would look around at all the cigars and then she would pick one. Then I would put it up to my nose and smell the aroma. I would then let her smell it.Then I would ask her what's next? She of course would say cut it,at which point I would grab my xicar cutter from on top of the humidor, cut the cigar then put the cutter back.Then I would ask her what's next? To which she would respond "Smokem if you Gottem Boys"!
 I always smoke whatever she picks, granted I don't have any bad sticks,but just the same. I cherish that few moments of time when the world stands still while Hannah picks a cigar for her Papa.
 One time I remember Mimi (Hannah's grandma, my wife) followed us into the room, while Hannah was scanning back and forth each row with her little hand on her chin, thinking hhmmm which cigar should I pick for my Papa, Mimi said comeon hurry up Hannah. I raised my voice to Mimi and said NO NO NO.Leave her alone she knows what she's doing. Looking back at Hannah I said take your time. She resumed her search for just the perfect cigar,which I think ended up being a Monty #2. To this day 5years later, whenever she has a meal here with us she picks out my Cigar.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oliva V Maduro Torpedo 2010

The Cigar Chairman has arrived so "Smokem if you Gottem" B/SOTL! My intent is to stuff this blog full of varied content, from Cigar reviews(both print and video),Food/Cigar pairings, Spirit Reviews as well as Cigar/Spirit pairings. Also there will be information, from my vast network, of Smoking Lounges to coincide with your travel destinations. Important Events (local & national).Reviews on Humidors & Accessories. Sponsored Giveaways from Industry leaders,etc. As we think of it or you suggest it we'll add it.
Bottom line: this Blog is about Cigars and all that goes along with them, which includes people like you who's input is valued. So as I always say "Smokem if you Gottem"!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cigar Chairman Blog

Cigar Chairman is now blogging!  Be sure to tell your friends and start following me.  I will be doing reviews and video blogs as well.