Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vicarias Cigars White Label 8/9/15

Ecuadoran Conn wrapp tan color. Mostly fine veins. There is a horizontal crack below the band.

Hay,barnyard with a slight sweetness

Prelight Draw
Black licorice 

First flavor that stands out is spearmint on the finish. The draw & burn are good at the 1/2" point. The ash is light gray and fairly tight. There is a mild spice. Not pepper but like cinnamon. The cigar produces a nice amount of smoke on exhale. Strength is mild.

A light coffee not enters the mix. Strength gets to medium by the end of the 2nd/3rd. Ash holds til I gently bump it off after each 3rd.

The cigar did not add any new flavors in the Final/3rd and but was a nice morning smoke. It's definitely something that mild to medium smokers would enjoy. Give them a try. 

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